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Songs mean a lot to me. In this Blog I am sharing songs that have specific meaning to me. My tastes are varied but lean particularly to Country.

The lyrics of a song have meaning to the writer. I know a song can be popular for the tune and beat. It is when the words find a connection with the heart and find a common experience in the life of the listener the song becomes a classic.

Here you will learn more about what makes me tick than you probably want to know. I also hope it gives you some pause for reflection too on joys, sorrows, successes and struggles we all face.

I'll give you the song title, album I found it on, and the lyrics. You can decide whether you want to download it from your favorite music site.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Old Road

I am not as old as some of you, that's just the facts! But we all continue to go down the road. This singer/songwriter is one of my favorites. He came out with this song a few years ago. It is an anthem for the truth that the longer we are on this road of life the more it shows in our faces and memories.

I had to lay-off another employee yesterday (can't count the times I have had to do it now since the WorldCom meltdown). And it got me thinking about this song. So many dreams we have when we are young but as we move on down the road people and events happen to us. Those help shape us and carve out the lines in our faces. Are they smile lines or frown lines that crease our foreheads?

Don't count the problems...count the blessings. Ain't we come a long way?

I could not load the song to my playlist but You can listen to the song for free at kriskristofferson.com. The video is a available on Youtube too.

Song: This Old Road
Artist: Kris Kristofferson
Album: This Old Road

Look at that old photograph
Is it really you?
Smiling like a baby full of dreams

Smiling ain't so easy now
Some are coming true
Nothing's simple as it seems

But I guess you count your blessings with the problems
That your dealing with today
Like the changing of the seasons

Ain't you come a long way
Ain't you come a long way
Ain't you come a long way down
This old road

Looking at a looking glass
Running out of time
On a face you used to know

Traces of a future lost
In between the lines
One more rainbow for the road

Thinking of the faces in the window
That you passed along the way
Or the last thing you believed in

Ain't you come a long way
Ain't you come a long way
Ain't you come a long way down
This old road

Say you tried to chase the sun down
and you let it slip away
And the holy night is falling

Ain't you come a long way
Ain't you come a long way
Ain't you come a long way down
This old road

Look at that old photograph
Is it really you?

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