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Songs mean a lot to me. In this Blog I am sharing songs that have specific meaning to me. My tastes are varied but lean particularly to Country.

The lyrics of a song have meaning to the writer. I know a song can be popular for the tune and beat. It is when the words find a connection with the heart and find a common experience in the life of the listener the song becomes a classic.

Here you will learn more about what makes me tick than you probably want to know. I also hope it gives you some pause for reflection too on joys, sorrows, successes and struggles we all face.

I'll give you the song title, album I found it on, and the lyrics. You can decide whether you want to download it from your favorite music site.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Work in Process

You know what a squirt is? A Drip under pressure. However, coal under pressure becomes a diamond.

Pressure and stress can do a lot of things to a person. None of us will get through life without stress and testings in a lot of ways.
The question is how we handle it.

A favorite Bible story of mine is when Moses was about to free the people of Israel from their bondage in Egypt. God was attempting to get Pharoah's attention with all the miracles. He had done the same earlier with Moses. Each of them responded differently. One's heart was softened and accepted God's will in his life. The other hardened his heart against the will of God. Same God - two different responses.

I got a long way to go - a work in process. I just know I want to be more like Moses.

Song: I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal
Artist: John Anderson
Album: Ultimate Hits


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