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Songs mean a lot to me. In this Blog I am sharing songs that have specific meaning to me. My tastes are varied but lean particularly to Country.

The lyrics of a song have meaning to the writer. I know a song can be popular for the tune and beat. It is when the words find a connection with the heart and find a common experience in the life of the listener the song becomes a classic.

Here you will learn more about what makes me tick than you probably want to know. I also hope it gives you some pause for reflection too on joys, sorrows, successes and struggles we all face.

I'll give you the song title, album I found it on, and the lyrics. You can decide whether you want to download it from your favorite music site.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get a Grip

Every human being has experienced loneliness. In my opinion no one writes or sings about it like Merle Haggard. And this song might be my favorite Country song.

In this song he captures the gnawing, loss of sleep, haunting ache of a love lost or separation from someone loved. In the middle of the misery he understands he has to go on living as hard as it is. He admits he ends up "where the lonely go."

That's kind of the launching pad of most Country songs, isn't it? Ha ha! I have to laugh a little bit. Think about it. Most songs are about things or activities in an attempt to fill the loneliness. I think some Sunday morning sermons could reach some hearts if the preacher understood this human emotion.

Where do the lonely go? Many times to the wrong thing. This should not make us discount the emotion - it is very real. We have all been there and handled it wrong or wrestled with it for a while in an attempt to get a grip on the emotion and get life back to normal - whatever that is. This song not only speaks to it but has some great music with a bit of a blues touch.

Song: Going Where the Lonely Go
Artist: Merle Haggard
Album: Going Where the Lonely Go

Rollin with the flow
Going where the lonely go
Anywhere the lights are low
Going where the lonely go

Making up things to do
Not running in all directions
Trying to find you
I'm rollin with the flow
Going where the lonely go

I've got to keep rollin
I can't lay down
Sleep won't hardly come
When theres loneliness all around
I've got to keep goin
Travling down this lonesome road
I'm rollin with the flow
Goin where the lonely go

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