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Here you will learn more about what makes me tick than you probably want to know. I also hope it gives you some pause for reflection too on joys, sorrows, successes and struggles we all face.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Believe In Santa's Cause

This will be my last blog about Christmas (for this season).

I grew up knowing Christmas was a celebration of the the birth of the Christ - born in a manger in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph. God with us.

Our family always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve night (Santa had to deliver to some families early). If Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday we would go to evening services and worship God and his baby, Jesus. Then we would go home and celebrate opening presents and sing about Santa Clause. I never got mixed up and did not grow up warped from the experience. (Well, if I did grow up warped it was not from this experience!)

This song kind of sums up how I feel about Santa. And this also a "tip of my hat" to Mom and Dad who have kept a great balance in our family's Christmas experience all these years. Tomorrow evening we will gather with them again along with one of my sisters and her family celebrating Santa's cause and reason for the season, the Christ child.

Song: I Believe In Santa's Cause
Artist: The Statler Brothers
Album: 20th Century Masters - The Christmas Collection

Never heard a snowman talking
Never seen a reindeer fly
Nor seen a wooden soldier walking
Nor met a Santa eye to eye

Now there are those who don't believe
in miracles or Santa Claus
But I believe what I believe
And I believe in Santa's cause

Never heard an angel singing
Never known a scrooge to smile
But I have heard sleigh bells ring
And light a spark in some small child

For kids and trees light up at Christmas
As well as preachers and our lawns
And light a Santa way at Christmas
I believe in Santa's cause

There's a Santa world at Christmas
Turning to the world's applause
So hang a bell for ole Saint Nick
'Cause I believe in Santa's cause

Now there are those who don't believe
In miracles or Santa Claus
But I believe what I believe
And I believe in Santa's cause

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